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The Odd Things People Order

e all have strange requests when we go into restaurants: low calorie fried chicken, biscuits with some of the dough removed, croque monsieur without ham. So, yes, some are weirder than others. Here are just some of the oddest r...
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Review of New Town Kitchen and Bar

I had the opportunity to review New Town Kitchen and Bar located on 1336 U Street NW. Last Wednesday night the main room of the restaurant was pretty empty, but there was a large party on the rooftop. We were greeted by a very ...
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Osteria Morini: Grilled Skirt Steak

Osteria Morini: Three to Try at Brunch

  ith the weather warming up, one of my new favorite brunch options has become Chef Michael White’s Osteria Morini in Yards Park. Snag one of the 100 seats on the patio and you’ll your meal will fight the beaut...
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Cheers to Cherries & Spring

he weekend is over, which means we’re in need of a drink to help us get over that depressing fact. Today we’re recommending Bearnaise’s spring-like cocktail, Cherry Blossom Fizz, to help you cool down. Make the drink ...
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Baseball Recipes: The Tailgater’s Brat

  hile the petition to make baseball’s opening day a national holiday may not actually result in an extra day off, many people already celebrate the day, including us. We’ve been baseball fans for as long as we...
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The Green Spoon: A New Way to Eat Gluten-Free at Home

Meal delivery services are popping up all over the city. Almost anything can be delivered right to your door. When The Green Spoon reached out to us to try their new gluten-free meal delivery service we were really excited to ...
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Brunch and a Mispelling

love to proofread, and I really love it when I catch a mistake. As I walked down Pennsylvania Ave SE last night, I caught a beautiful sight. Chef Spike Mendelsohn’s Bearaise was announcing its new Sunday Brunch! Unfortuna...
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Heading to the Laundromat

I hate doing laundry, but I do love me some ice cream. In Roatán, Honduras, I could almost be persuaded to head to “West End Laundry” because I could enjoy some ice cream as I watch my clothes go around and around....
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10 ways to teach children to eat well

t’s not enough to get kids to eat their vegetables. Children with strict parents are more likely to be overweight, a new study has claimed. So what can parents do to encourage healthy eating in their children? We need to help...
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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Oooops, did you space out and just realize that Valentine’s Day is three days away? Don’t worry, you won’t have to admit any guilt to your loved one thanks to these five last minute suggestions. 1) Perfect for...