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4 Dishes to Try at Matchbox 14th Street

As a comfortable resident of SoMo (is that what the kids are calling it these days?), traveling to Chinatown or Barracks Row for the best sliders in town and those guilt-inducing skillet cinnamon rolls is asking a lot. Not only can I now walk my lazy ass over to Matchbox’s newest location, but I can also enjoy wines on tap.

In an area where small plates rule small spaces, Matchbox is the ultimate middle finger to the dining landscape of 14th Street. Converted from a small bowling alley into a large restaurant, I’ll always find a seat and never leave hungry especially with these dishes on the menu:

  • Tuna tartare ($14): After scooping up this incredibly fresh tuna with those addictive yucca chips, this appetizer has me licking the plate clean due to a savory honey-garlic sauce that I’d like to purchase by the gallon.
  • Seared sea scallops ($24): Two of my greatest weaknesses, scallops and pork belly, combined into one dish is a dream come true. Served with spinach to lessen the guilt, the rich and creamy risotto base has a maple flavor that gives depth to the tender shellfish.
  • Prosciutto and mission black fig pizza ($14/$22): Sweet and salty at its best, this wood-fired pizza is covered in roasted garlic and gorgonzola and has that perfectly crispy signature crust.
  • Coffee and doughnuts ($8): Usually blinded by the delicious magic brownies ($8), ordering the cinnamon doughnuts for dessert was a huge game-changer. The espresso Kahlua creme is meant for dipping rather than drinking, though no one will judge you if you do the latter.

This Matchbox also has a special entrance to pick up to-go orders, fitting for those shiftless nights in your Snuggie.

Photo: Lisha Yates

Matchbox 14th Street
1901 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

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