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5 Dishes to Try at Farmers Fisher Bakers

Posted February 15, 2013 by Mary Kong-DeVito in The Loving Spoonful

Like Jean Grey, Farmers Fishers Bakers rose from the 2011 floodwaters like a phoenix and has come back bigger and better than ever, with a big American farmhouse menu to match.

And just like Jean Grey (who simply couldn’t delegate) Farmers Fishers Bakers makes everything in-house–baked goods, breads, desserts, ice cream, cocktail elixirs and punch, tiki drinks and 24 taps of craft beer at the wrap-around bar, plus a heated patio blasting year-round with a fire pit.  They even have their own honeybees and whiskey.

On this expansive, ‘Merican menu is something for everyone, from sushi to two types of pizza styles, open range meats, seafood and a very impressive list of vegetarian options.

  • Though not date-conducive (you weren’t that into him anyway), the bread & broths ($8) has big, fat cloves of spreadable roasted garlic and crusty bread in a hot, buttery broth that’s perfect for defrosting yourself after ice-skating.
  • Even non-chicken fans will enjoy the honey pot fried chicken ($16)–crispy and honey-kissed on the outside, bursting with juiciness on the inside.
  • Unlike any taco in town, the puffy fried field tacos with pulled pork ($12, pictured) made from fresh sweet corn are as full of texture and character as they are of fun.
  • Hot Maryland crab dip!!! My tiny arthropod mind? Officially blown.
  • Made in house, the pink peppermint ice cream with bits of candy cane is cold, cool yet more welcome than any cold front that’s ever rolled in on a 70° January day.

Farmers Fishers Bakers
3000 K St NW
Washington, DC 20007

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