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5 Things to Get at Table

Frederik de Pue’s tiny restaurant with the big name outside is like eating at the condo of your gay friends where one’s an interior designer and the other’s a prestigious chef and they cook better than you, design better than you, are in better shape than you, and are simply better than you in every. single. way.

Even though the beautifully-handwritten notebook menus took the time it takes to watch 37 movies to complete, owner and chef Frederik de Pue dies only a little inside each time you spill your drink on one. Trust us, we know.

  • Table-1
    Lush, almost creamy tiger prawns ($14) are roasted in black garlic butter and salsify. Mmm...salsifying.
  • Table-3
    Bison steak ($26) cuts like buttah, with tiny marble potatoes and red wine sauce.
  • Table-2
    A simply grilled pompano filet is served with baby vegetables and salsa verde.
  • Table-4
    Ultra-flaky apple crostata ($7) is seared in vanilla butter (hello!) and served with honey gelato drip, drip, drizzled with white truffle oil.

That kind of pride in ownership is evident in the food as well, as each dish comes out lovingly put together and meticulously presented.  Even though we didn’t get a photo (it disappeared too quickly), check out the pumpkin bread pudding ($7) for dessert, custard-like and drizzled with warm, rum-infused carrot water.

903 N Street NW
Washington, DC

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