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5 Things to Grab at Yo! Sushi

Inside the grand yet sometimes stagnant halls of Union Station is a corner of revitalization in the form of Yo! Sushi, also the name of the J-pop remake of “Wake Up Little Susie.”

Bright, energetic, and oh-so-futuristic, Yo! Sushi is like stepping through Platform 9¾ and coming out in Tokyo.  This kaiten (that’s Japanese for conveyor belts) sushi bar has over 70 hot and cold dishes whirring around, offering Japanese fare at your fingertips.

Whether you like fish, meat or veggies, this place caters to all ages, budgets and time constraints, making a tasty 20-minute sit-down meal possible before catching the train or bus. A computer-monitored tracking system guarantees that every dish is fresh by giving it the Harajuku boot after an hour.

  • Spicy tuna fans will love the creative twist on the crispy spicy tuna ($4) on dense, fried rice cake.
  • Sesame garlic ramen ($4) in a soy and garlic-dashi broth is the perfect size for warming up while leaving room…for more sushi!
  • Executive Chef Noriyuki Kudo’s skills really shine in the yellowtail jalapeño nigiri ($6, pictured)–extremely fresh, only enhanced by tangy citrus ponzu and diced chili.
  • Slices of albacore tuna sashimi ($4.50) with wasabi and seasoned in a pool of dark ponzu is salty with delicious heat.
  • For dessert, don’t miss the sweet green tea custard ($4.50) with slight smoky, nutty undertones, or the popular mochi ice cream ($3.50) wrapped in sticky rice cake.

Yo! Sushi
50 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20401

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