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5 Things to Try at Pizzeria Orso

Posted April 10, 2013 by Mary Kong-DeVito in The Loving Spoonful

Sometime in the 1500′s, a group of angry Italians threw together flour and beer and chanted, “Kill it with fire!” and Neapolitan pizza was born. Pizzeria Orso continues the tradition, sans wild hand movements, in making ultra thin, bubbly Neapolitan pies.

Never shall you mind not ordering a pizza here, as the small plates threaten to outshine everything.  Chef Will Artley, formerly of Evening Star Cafe and the Food Network’s Chopped, brings with him his own brand of “fine food done comfortable,” evident in the dishes of seafood, meats, vegetables and pastas.

“I love changing the menu because we have so many regulars that I don’t ever want them to get bored,” says Artley.  “The reason behind doing so many small plates is because you can’t eat pizza everyday!”  Says who?

  • To start, a cherry bourbon slushee ($9) is delicious, cherry blossoms be damned, with bourbon, cherries, orange juice and lemonade. If you don’t put a few of these away during happy hour, you’re only denying yourself.
  • You’re in Falls Church where the speed limit is 25 and the only excitement you’ll have is turning right on red.  Yet the pork belly ($9) with mushroom ragu and creamy polenta will make that trip down 66 aaaallll worth it.
  • Brussels chips ($6) with shaved cheese is not only beautiful and lacy, but rival the palak chaat from Rasika, which served as inspiration for this dish.
  • Like golden-brown Easter eggs, crispy arancini ($8) crack open to reveal creamy risotto inside, perfect for dipping into a little marinara.
  • Orso’s tater tots ($6) are far from ordinary and make a disappearing act every time.
  • Chef Artley’s favorite, the Pizza Rosa is a classic marinara pizza with house made sausage and shaved onions. So much better than your date at Seaford Pizza in Delaware.  What was his name? Super Mario?

Pizzeria Orso
400 South Maple Avenue
Falls Church, VA 22046

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