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5 Things to Try in Annapolis

Posted March 20, 2013 by Mary Kong-DeVito in The Loving Spoonful

e love getting away to nearby Annapolis during the warmer months.  This quaint little town by the water is small but packs a lot of charm.  There aren’t as many options compared to DC, but there are highlights not to be missed.  Be sure to take a loop on the free Annapolis Circulator trolley which runs every 10 minutes, to see downtown from one end to another in under 15 minutes.  That way you can begin to formulate your eating plan.  Here’s our favorite itinerary:

  • At Joss Sushi, the maguro poke ($10.95) is a colorful appetizer of tuna and white yam, folded in a creamy, spicy mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, Japanese pepper, scallions and pine nuts.  If you love sashimi, don’t miss the big and brawny, big and meaty red drum ($6) or kingfish ($7) reminiscent of its creamy yellowtail cousin.
  • Chick n Ruth’s is one of the tiniest diners we’ve squeezed into but the colossal half-pound crab cake ($16.99) more than makes up for it in size and flavor.  On your choice of lettuce and tomato on a roll, it’s all lump crabmeat, fried to a lovely shade of eye candy golden brown.  The Reuben sandwich ($7.75), with grilled corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, Sweitzer cheese and the yummiest Russian dressing on rye, is second only after that other Ruben I had.
  • For dessert, we’re real big fans of Annapolis Ice Cream’s mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Everything is made in-house with 17% butterfat to give it an ultra-creamy, dense texture.  And they’re very generous with portions.  A single scoop ($3) is enough to feed 2. Signature flavors include peanut butter Oreo, apple pie, chocolate brownie brownie batter. Don’t forget to decorate your used spoon to add to the hundreds display on the wall.
  • We love all of owner John Hogan’s cocktails at Level Small Plates Lounge, especially the Spicy Davis ($9), with Chairman’s spiced rum, St. Germain liqueur, orange juice, brown sugar, and baked apple bitters.  Tastes like apple pie.  See the complete cocktail menu here.

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