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5 Winter Cocktails To Sip at POV

he weather outside is indeed frightful. But P.O.V. has new winter cocktails that are delightful! As a follow up to last winter’s warm cocktails, here are 5 that will warm you up from the outside in.

  • The Hot Cin-Apple Cider hits the spot on cold afternoons when you’re sitting here overlooking the White House. The cinnamon hits your nose with wonderful aromas while the cider pumps you full of vitamin C*, and the vodka will help you forget it is 24º outside.
  • The District Maple Leaf will warm you up on the rocks with bourbon, maple syrup, and lemon juice.
  • Hot Peanut Buttered Rum (pictured).  Well, well, well, looks like P.O.V. has took hot buttered rum, which has been a holiday favorite since colonial times, and added a heart-healthy twist: peanut butter! Not meant for those with nut allergies, it also contains spiced rum (of course), allspice, and brown sugar.
  • The Hot “Not” Chocolate provides antioxidants from chocolate atop marshmallows, and intoxicants from vanilla rum. Also containing milk and vanilla bean, this warm concoction is nothing like your childhood memories.
  • The Blood Orange Old Fashioned (pictured) is ideal if you’re in the mood for a “cold-weather martini.” This drink of bourbon, spiced simple syrup, muddled blood orange, and bitters is served up with a twist.

*Disclaimer: Actual amount of vitamin C has not been validated by the FDA; nutritional value is mere speculation.

Photos: Geoff Chesman and Mark Silva

P.O.V. Roof Terrace at W Washington DC
515 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 661-2400

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