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Art and Soul’s Moonshine Cocktails

un fact: Imbibers of moonshine used to light the stuff on fire to see if it was safe for drinking.  Blue meant it was legit, red meant it wasn’t, and any other color, well…nobody knew what that was.

Since moonshine was (and still is) illegal, moonshiners would make homemade stills out of anything they could get their hands on, including coils from carburetors, which resulted in long-term lead poisoning and short-term party-pooping.

And while ArtBar at Art and Soul is offering a series of moonshine-laden cocktails ($13 each) through the end of March (hopefully longer), they use legally-obtained un-aged whiskey.

Don’t be fooled, this 100 proof, rough-and-ready white whiskey is the same thing. Unsupervised, this stuff will make you feel like you got run over by a Model T-Ford.   Twice.

While the weather is intermittently cold, warm up with The Mistress (pictured left) with dark, rosemary and fig-infused white whiskey, angostura bitters, and the aroma of toasted fig for that rich, warm taste of mulled wine.

Don’t forget, Sunday is Daylight Savings Time, so patio drinks are in order as the days will last longer.

The Mark Up (pictured right) is perfect for that, with its sweet and light citrus flavors of white whiskey, tangerines, yuzu, and sunny dispositions.

Undoubtedly my favorite is The Baseline, with kumquat and star anise-infused white whiskey, St. Germain, hibiscus, ginger, cardamom and spritely ginger beer.  It’s lively, fruity and all sorts of fun.

ArtBar’s moonshine cocktails are all infused, prepared and aged in-house in small batches, shaken vigorously, and served in a traditional jelly jar.

Art and Soul at The Liaison Capitol Hill
415 New Jersey Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001

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