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5 Things to Try Maurice’s BBQ Piggie Park

ne of the oldest-running barbeque establishments in South Carolina, Maurice’s is famous for its German-style, mustard-based barbeque sauce, known as Carolina Gold.  This bright yellow, smooth and tangy sauce lives up to ...


What to Try at Motor Supply Co. Bistro

e take a break from barbeque in South Carolina just long enough to check out Motor Supply, a really charming bistro in the Vista neighborhood, near the University of South Carolina.  We especially enjoyed the ever-changing men...


5 Things to Try at Hudson’s Smokehouse

udson’s is a great place to get barbeque with friends and family. It features an updated dining room, full bar, plus a spacious, heated outdoor patio (in case you’re a messy eater). You can choose from the buffet ($...


5 Things to Try at Shealy’s Bar-B-Que

healy’s is the Disneyland of barbeque buffets.  Across an extensive buffet with a hot and cold station plus a network of dining rooms, this place could double as a delicious fallout shelter. We especially enjoyed the vin...


Roofer’s Union, Monster Jam +Alice Waters!

on’t let something like a polar vortex with gale-force winds get you down! There are exciting food events to attend this week!  If you’re a big fan of José Andrés, Joan Nathan or Alice Waters, read on for your ch...


5 Things to Get at Jackie Hite’s

e traveled to the barbecue heartland of South Carolina to Jackie Hite’s, who still cooks barbeque the old-fashioned way, by creating his own charcoal from hickory wood and smoking those bad boy hogs for over twenty hours ...