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Brunch and a Mispelling

love to proofread, and I really love it when I catch a mistake. As I walked down Pennsylvania Ave SE last night, I caught a beautiful sight. Chef Spike Mendelsohn’s Bearaise was announcing its new Sunday Brunch! Unfortuna...

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32 Below: Toilet Paper or a Plunger?

pparently I am on a bathroom kick these days. You can check out previous posts about Momiji, The Flying Goat and B Too bathrooms if you wish. 32 Below, a self-serve frozen yogurt experience in Barracks Row, has quite the intere...


B Too’s Udders

here’s nothing new about the eccentric bathroom artwork at Chef Bart Vandaele’s B Too, except that I had forgotten all about it until my recent visit. In the women’s bathroom, which you’ll identify by th...


Restaurant Mysteries: Milkshakes & Helmets

estaurants don’t always have tons of employee storage space for them to put down any gear, per say. I always enjoy looking in the hutches to see if I find anything interesting. On the way to the restroom at Chef Spike Men...


A New Way To Brunch: Bookalokal

We’re always looking for new things to do in the city. When we were approached by Evelyne, co-founder of Bookalokal, to try out a unique food experience, we knew we couldn’t turn it down. The concept of Bookalokal...


A Mimosa Like You’ve Never Seen Before

If you follow my Facebook and Twitter feeds, you might know that I’m in Roatán, Honduras this week. It’s here that I saw (and drank) a mimosa that was, well, very different from what I consider the norm. Even the m...