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Whiskey soup

How to Drink Whiskey 101

“What butter and whiskey won’t cure, there’s no cure for.”  Whoever first uttered these words in ancient Ireland must’ve been a scholar. And the ancestor of Mark Twain and Paula Deen. Though adults and teething ...
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How to Drink Sake 101

isten up, philistines. If you do that sake bomb, know this–Tiffany Dawn Soto will be silently judging you from afar. The 30-year-old Four Seasons Baltimore Beverage Manager with fiery tresses and a nose for sake ...
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Lebanese Wines 101

ebanon doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking about all the wine-making regions in the world, but this tiny Mediterranean country has a long and colorful wine history, and the results are a delight to ...
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How to Drink Tequila 101

top! Spit out that worm and back away slowly. We’re going back to la escuela (that’s Spanish for “la school”) with Ivan Iricanin, partner at El Centro DF, to learn how to drink tequila properly.  ...