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Pretty Marinated
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Cheers, It’s Wednesday

Look on the bright side, your work week is almost done, and here at Girl Meets Food, we’re already looking forward to the weekend. Here’s the perfect drink to help you unwind. If it’s been a long two day, thin...


5 Winter Cocktails To Sip at POV

he weather outside is indeed frightful. But P.O.V. has new winter cocktails that are delightful! As a follow up to last winter’s warm cocktails, here are 5 that will warm you up from the outside in. The Hot Cin-Apple Cid...

The Huxley Collection

5 Cocktails to Try at the Huxley

ork has driven us to drink at one point or another. And if your office is south of Dupont, you may not want to shit where you eat. However, The Huxley gives you reason to work hard, play harder, and treat yourself to a night fu...


5 Things to Try at Paladar Latin Kitchen Rum Bar

ho wants to have some fun?! Are you just saying you want to have fun or do you really want to have fun?! Out of Rockville comes Paladar, a rum bar with a Latin American restaurant attached to it. With over 50 rums in stock, we ...


A Trip to Philip Carter Winery

here’s really never a reason not to visit a winery in Virginia. What kind of friend would you be if you turned down the rolling hills, fresh air, and inexpensive tastings of beautiful, family-owned wineries? Don’t ever be t...


Oktoberfest Heat Map

uten Tag meine Damen und Herren! Oktoberfest, easily the world’s largest celebration, is kicking off tomorrow. It’s time to don traditional garb, grab das boot that you have hidden away in your liquor cabinet, and p...