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Heading to the Laundromat

I hate doing laundry, but I do love me some ice cream. In Roatán, Honduras, I could almost be persuaded to head to “West End Laundry” because I could enjoy some ice cream as I watch my clothes go around and around....


My Visit to Summerland Winery

    n our way up the coast to Santa Barbara, CA, my friends and I decided to pull into the small, seaside town of Summerland (population 1,448). We visited a cafe and enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches, looked around a...

Josie Restaurant - Jewel Tomato Tart

Three Dishes to Try at Josie Restaurant

  hen traveling, one of the things I always ask myself is “where should I eat?” I research both before I head to the destination and once I arrive, to make sure I get everything from fine dining, to casual rest...

Explore Canada

Five Reasons to Travel to Canada

hile the United States has a lot to offer, we are the first to admit that we forget our neighbors to the north. It really is unfortunate because Canada is so close and offers so much – so much more than we ever thought. T...


Kingside: 5 Things I Loved & 5 Things I Didn’t

hile on a last minute trip to New York City earlier this month I stayed in Midtown West’s new Viceroy hotel, which opened late last year. Great stay. I even received amenities and a note from the general manager (ooops, t...


5 Things to Try Maurice’s BBQ Piggie Park

ne of the oldest-running barbeque establishments in South Carolina, Maurice’s is famous for its German-style, mustard-based barbeque sauce, known as Carolina Gold.  This bright yellow, smooth and tangy sauce lives up to ...