Coffy Café

Coffy Café: A little piece of the 60s in Columbia Heights

I am that person who will sit in a coffee shop for hours on end if the libations are good, the Wi-Fi is strong (and free) and the atmosphere is chill. And, that is exactly what you get when you go to Coffy Café in Columbia Heights at 3310 14th Street N.W. On their website they advertise themselves as “60s mod.” And, I have to agree.

Coffy Cafe

Coffy Cafe

Despite the amenities I mentioned above, the thing to go to Coffy Café for is the crepes. They are awesome and come in both sweet and savory varieties, in addition to vegetarian options.

On my most recent visit, I had the “I Spy,” a savory crepe with turkey, bacon, and avocado, along with lettuce, tomato and garlic cream sauce on top. This is my ultimate fave at the Coffy Café. The turkey is what does it for me along with the chewiness of the crepe.

Coffy Cafe takes this familiar combination and elevates it by wrapping it in a light, yet chewy crepe that is only enhanced even more so by the light drizzle of garlic sauce. My daughter, the newly turned vegetarian, had the “Mr. Steed.” This is one of three savory, vegetarian options, and it comes with fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato and pesto. She was also a very happy camper!

My super awesome "I Spy" crepe

My super awesome “I Spy” crepe

Along with the crepe, I usually get a pot of tea; it comes with its own tea service complete with your own little jar of honey. On this particular trip, I ordered a pot of mint tea and my girl ordered a Blueberry-Banana smoothie.

Tea service and Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Tea service and Blueberry Banana Smoothie

While the crepes are amazing!! I haven’t had one I don’t like…

The atmosphere here is worth chatting about as well. When you walk in, you are instantly taken back; there are old pop tunes floating through the air, there’s an old school candy cart with candy like Now-n-Laters and Sugar Dots for sale. Those unique touches combined with really cool movie posters gracing the walls make Coffy Cafe a great place to just hang out and grab a cup.

For me as a coffee shop connoisseur, Coffy Café has the trifecta: good food, free Wi-Fi and a really chill and inviting atmosphere. So, the next time you need to soak up some free cyber space and have a craving for crepes, try Coffy Café. It’s pretty awesome.


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