Sushi Taro

Sushi Taro’s Tonkotsu Ramen

As the seasons change from chilling to bone-chilling, everyone becomes a ramen fiend!  DC has become home to a variety of ramen shops with flavor profiles ranging from so-edgy-you’d-never-find-that-in-Tokyo to so-traditional-I-should-be-slurping-loudly-with-each-bite. Sushi Taro’s famous tonkotsu ramen lands on the traditional end of the spectrum, tasting like it came straight from the Kyushu region of Japan. The broth is creamy, yet light with pork undertones, with cha shu pork that’s crispy on the outside, buttery on the inside, boiled egg, toasted sesame seeds, pungent green onions, acidic pickled ginger and crisp black mushrooms. 

Sadly, this treat from the East is only available once or twice a month at lunch. Check Sushi Taro Facebook page for updates on when the ramen will be served next!

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