The Gibson

The Gibson: Seven Cocktails For You and Your Summertime Crew

When the sun comes out, people lose their minds (we’re one of them.) Long walks, road trips, and hanging out on the patio are just a few things we see in the near future and The Gibson‘s new cocktail menu is one of the places you might want to add to your list of things to do. Starting today, the expansive list has something for everyone in your crew and don’t worry if you try more than one, just make sure to choose a designated driver before the evening begins.

Door to the Left

Door To The Left (of Marvin)

WHAT: Leave it to The Gibson to have Rujero, a brandy produced only in the Bolivian Andes. A spirit with an aromatic scent, it definitely is a beautiful addition to the grape-centric drink containing grappa and manzanilla.

WHO: For the friend who loves to be on the cutting edge of drinks, you know the one who knows every single ingredient a.k.a. The Know-it-All.

Playing Dirty

Playing Dirty

WHAT: Brined and green. That’s all you need to know. But if you need a bit more 411 look for Salers, a French apéritif that contains a vegetal taste; however, paired with a green bean pickle brine and celery bitters you’ll be happy to know you’re getting all of your veggies in a single serving.

WHO: The plant-based friend who loves their farmers markets, Sweetgreen salads, and of course has their own pickling shelf at home.

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy

WHAT: El Dorado 151. No, but seriously combined with Winter Peach liqueur, simple syrup, and apple bitters it tastes like something from college…what’s the name (trash can punch, jungle juice…something along those lines.) It’s so refreshing that the cost shouldn’t deter you but if it does, take heed to the warning and hey, one should do the trick.

WHO: That one friend who is ready to get the party started, anytime or anywhere. You always need one like that on the team, we’re just saying.

No Apologies

No Apologies

WHAT: American whiskey, Aperol, and orange bitters to name a few.

WHO: The overly cautious, never wanting to step out-of-the-box friend. Yet, don’t sleep on this drink as it showcases its classic legs with a twist.

The Shotgun Shack

The Shotgun Shack

WHAT: What summer is all about: sweet this, citrusy that, but don’t let that fool you. The rye and ginger beer provide a snap that keeps this drink borderline intense.

WHO: The sports fanatic. Yeah we know, beer is what they always order but secretly they want a cocktail too, they just don’t know how to pick it. Help them out a bit and mention ginger beer, they’ll come around. Trust us.



WHAT: Cocktails with single names always keep us on our toes, as it means they’re potent. A combination of St. Germaine, vanilla, lavender, and champagne…it’s so good that it’s alarming. If champagne is your thing, then look no further.

WHO: The jetsetter.  They’re cultured, and refined with an air of arrogance.



WHAT: A drink that slaps you in the face with earthiness. Love tequila? Check. Love mint? Check. The flavors are bananas together and it all comes full circle once you learn the history of kummel.

WHO: The millennial. Let them know that it’s not all about tequila shots and that you can get your sip on with the spirit.

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