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Dive With a View at Red Derby

he Red Derby.

Have you heard of it? Maybe not. It is easy to miss. No sign, no name on the door, right next to an abandoned laundry mat.

Well my mother always told me not to judge a book by its cover, and I’m glad I listened to her sound advice.

The Red Derby located on 3718 14th St NW, is a great place to unwind. They only serve canned beers, but have great selections  of basic beers like PBR and also craft beer and high gravity beer such as Pork Slap and Aviator. They also have a full liquor selection and have great prices on shots and mixed drinks. Just remember to bring cash, or bring a friend who always carries cash.

Beer RD

Their bar food is also really tasty. I absolutely love their grilled cheese and fries. It hits the spot! If happen to get a sweet tooth, ask for an Ice cream sandwich. Remember those?! Yep just like the ones you used to buy from the ice cream man.  If you really want a blast to the past, grab  one of their board games such as Battleship and Connect Four.

The best part? A heated rooftop! Is it 40 degrees out? Maybe, but you will never know because they make sure you are toasty and comfortable.

rooftop RD

If you are in the Columbia Heights area, I highly recommend walking North on 14th Street  and grabbing a can a the Red Derby. It is definitely my favorite dive bar in town.

The Red Derby
3718 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 291-5000
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Amanda Terillo

Writer. Amanda is a Registered Dietitian who enjoys teaching people about food and nutrition. Amanda loves cooking with seasonal and local produce, and then eating it too. She also makes her poor lucky husband eat lots of vegetables for breakfast lunch and dinner. When not eating fruits and vegetables she can be found eating pizza, grilled cheese, ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies and most importantly drinking beer. Amanda has been a guest chef at several Farmers Markets in D.C. where she scared people away by giving them a carrot stick and a piece of lettuce.

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