Giveaway: Two ARTINI tickets!

Cocktail lover? Our March giveaway is for you!

We’re giving away TWO tickets to ARTINI.

Tweet us at @GirlMeetsFood and tell us why we should pick you to attend. You must also use the hashtag #ARTINIDC.

Be funny. Be creative. Be quirky.

The winner will receive two general admission tickets, perfect for surprising a friend, co-worker or significant other.

This year’s gala will be held Saturday, March 22 at The Corcoran Gallery of Art from 8:30pm to midnight. If you aren’t familiar with ARTINI, here’s the 5 second description. Now through March, mixologists from area restaurants compete to create the most artistic martini inspired by a piece of work at The Corcoran — hence the name “artini.” The city’s favorite artini, chosen via online vote, will be revealed at the gala along with a Critics’ Choice winner.

Check out who’s competing:

P.O.V at the W Hotel
Mixologist: Joe Ambrose
Inspiration: Childe Hassam, A North East Headland
P.O.V. on Urbanspoon

The Gibson
Mixologist: Frank Jones
Inspiration: Thomas Hart Benton, Martha’s Vineyard
Gibson on Urbanspoon

Mixologist: Jasmine Chae
Inspiration: Frederic Remington, Off the Range (Coming Through the Rye)
Oyamel on Urbanspoon

Mixologists: Sophie Szych and Rachel Kling
Inspiration: Frederic Edwin Church, Niagara
Quill on Urbanspoon

Celebrity Cruises – Feature night to be held at the Corcoran
Mixologist: Josh Durr, Hawthorne Beverages
Inspiration: George Inness, Sunset in the Woods

Farmers Fishers Bakers
Mixologist: Jon Arroyo
Inspiration: Jerome Myers, Life on the East Side
Farmers Fishers Bakers on Urbanspoon

Mixologist: Dane Nakamura
Inspiration: John Grabach, Waterfront – New York
Range on Urbanspoon

Mixologist: Caroline Blundell
Inspiration: Edward Hopper, Ground Swell
Ripple on Urbanspoon

Jack Rose Dining Saloon
Mixologists: Nick Lowe and Trevor Frye
Inspiration: Robert William Vonnoh, Notre Dame de Paris
Jack Rose Dining Saloon on Urbanspoon

City Tap House DC
Mixologist: Jo-Jo Valenzuela
Inspiration: William Morris Hunt, Niagara
City Tap House on Urbanspoon

Presented by The Corcoran’s 1869 Society, the seventh annual ARTINI supports NOW at the Corcoran, contemporary art exhibitions and performances by emerging and mid-career artists.

We’ll announce the winner on Friday, March 14.

Featured image courtesy Andrea Cohen.