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Hummus, She Roti

have to admit, before I tried Roti, there were some initial concerns.  Being a chain restaurant, it couldn’t possibly be good, and being on K Street, it had to be crowded and run by staff in a bad mood after dealing with suits all day.  But what I experienced at Roti was nothing less than exceptional.  In fact, I had to return three days later to get my fix.

The staff at Roti is friendly and seem genuinely happy to be there.

The restaurant is set up in an assembly-line manner, where you choose your vehicle (sandwich, pita, salad), “meat” (roasted vegetables, chicken, or beef), dressing, and toppings.

As I made my way down the line, I couldn’t help but notice the meats and vegetables roasting away on rotisserie rods.

Golden and glistening, the “meats” looked and smelled utterly delectable.

I had the pita sandwich with Roti chicken, dill yogurt-cucumber dressing and all of the toppings–including my favorites, kalamata olives and feta.

One particular topping at Roti blew my mind–the hummus.  It is out of this world. Tahini-filled goodness, Roti’s hummus beats out any other I have ever had, including my own homemade version with extra garlic and tahini!

It is this humble condiment that has changed me from a Roti noob to a Roti regular.  Not to mention that Roti is a much healthier option than many other lunch spots.  They also stock Honest Tea, which comes right out of Bethesda.  It’s so refreshing to see a chain restaurant supporting local businesses.

The scrumptious, messy-in-a-perfect-way sandwiches and platters are complimented by the natural, modern atmosphere. Long, wooden tables and high ceilings create a comfortable dining experience. As I was happily noshing away, gawking at the progressive architecture, a manager stopped by to make sure I was enjoying my dining experience. This type of service made my experience over-the-top enjoyable. And this is precisely why I will return. Luckily, this addiction is a healthy one!

Photo: Amanda Jane Cooney

Roti Mediterranean Grill
1629 K Street NW
Washington DC 20006

Open Monday – Friday 7 am – 7 pm

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Amanda Jane Cooney

Amanda Jane is a quarter-life legal eagle whose cooking will put a smile on your face. This native Upstate New Yorker started her food adventures in college, drinking amber ale and watching Sunday football, because "crab cakes, football [and beer], that's what Maryland does." She's tried Caribbean, Ethiopian and Vietnamese fare, even churned her own butter (!), prosecuting Washington's dining scene with Champagne taste and a beer budget.


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