Locking Eyes with My Soup

Banana Cafe is renowned for its Cuban, Mexican and Puerto Rican cuisine. This winter, when you’re trudging around in the snow and your ass is colder than Hilary Clinton, stop by Banana Cafe for a big bowl of comfort.

The seafood soup ($9.99) tastes like they took the ocean and boiled it down to one delicious bowl of perfection. Scallops, clams, mussels and fish in a creamy broth makes me wish the bowl was bigger.

Do body parts in your food bother you? Heads and bones add great flavor to soups and stews. I was surprised to find a whole fish head in my soup, and I can’t guarantee you’ll get one, but do try the seafood soup. It really is terrific.

Also, Banana Cafe has a great happy hour upstairs in the piano bar and $3 margaritas.

Banana Cafe
500 8th Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

Metro: Green line to Navy Yard

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