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Taken from Cinnamon Snail's Facebook page.

Adieu, Cinnamon Snail: NYC’s Fave Vegan Food Truck to Close

Photo Source: The Cinnamon Snail Facebook

If you’ve been hankering for a good donut, you better get your donut-fix in during the next two weeks because some of the best donuts in NYC will be gone soon…for a while anyway.

It’s a sad, depressingly cold Valentine’s Day weekend for all food truck lovers, vegans and appreciators of deliciousness: The Cinnamon Snail truck is set to close on Feb. 28, owner Chef Adam Sobel announced via Facebook on Saturday.

And as the cruel NYC Fates would have it, the 2014 Vendy Cup winner is shutting down because its permit is up at the end of the month without an option for renewal — a problem, Sobel said, was just one among the many he and his wife have dealt with in the last five years of running the truck.

“Running food trucks is a very problem ridden business model. Much as I have absolutely loved being able to do it, running the Cinnamon Snail been emotionally and physically exhausting for me and my family.

As many of you know, over the years we have had every type of emergency, from generators catching fire, engines needing to be replaced, to police harassment, parking problems, and being chased off by other food trucks and restaurants.

That says nothing of the endless logistical complications of running a food truck year round, things you wouldn’t think of, like preventing our plumbing from freezing at night, which prevents us from having working hand sinks and forcing us to take the day to have all our pipes replaced.

We have dealt with all the obstacles that have been thrown our way, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel, where running a food truck will be without these types of issues that make the business very difficult to be profitable in.”

Cinnamon Snail Donuts 600x400Re-living happy memories with two favorites: Smoked “Bacon” Maple Cake donut and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough filled donut.

While the future of The Cinnamon Snail (and many sad, sad bellies) looks bleak, don’t fret too much! Chef Sobel said he would be releasing a new cookbook, “Street Vegan” in May (with an entire chapter devoted to donuts!) and teaching cooking classes, while his wife continues to take special orders for vegan cakes — all news which will thankfully keep our vegan food cravings satisfied until we hear again from our friends at The Cinnamon Snail.

Right now, we are just going to focus on getting through the next two weeks, so that we can figure out where we are going from here with a clear mind after the dust settles, Sobel said in the Facebook post. We are going to be exploring brick and mortar restaurant opportunities, whether they in the likeness of the Cinnamon Snail, or as a new exciting (vegan) concept.

While we brainstorm about what the most fun yummy new project is going to be for us to work on, we are open for input or ideas from our customers and community. If you have some opportunities you think that we should explore, contact us at thecinnamonsnail@gmail.com”

Our hearts are sad, we’re crying on the inside and outside, and we will surely be stuffing our faces with Cinnamon Snail goodies with all of our favorites for the next two weeks.

Adieu, beloved Cinnamon Snail…’till we meet your vegan deliciousness again…

To find out where the Snail will be, follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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