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CoffeeCon 2015 Plans to Perk Up NYC

All photos provided by: CoffeeCon

Alright New Yorkers, look alive! CoffeeCon 2015 is headed to the concrete jungle next Saturday, March 7, 2015. And let’s be real—the timing couldn’t be more ideal. This city is more than ready for a little—shall we say—perk-me-up after a particularly grueling month of bone-chilling cold. Created for coffee lovers of all types to taste coffee from around the world, learn various roasting techniques and more, CoffeeCon is sure to be the most fun you’ve ever had with jo. Here’s the quick and dirty on what you can expect at CoffeeCon NYC.

All-Day, Unlimited Coffee Tasting 

What better scenario can you imagine than spending an entire Saturday sipping coffee samples by some of the top artisan roasters? More than 20 roasters (i.e. Blue Bottle, Booskerdoo, Cafe Grumpy, Georgio’s, Irving Farm, La Colombe, Modcup, Native Coffee, Oren’s Daily Roast, Scotty D’s Jamaican Blue Mountain, Toby’s Estate and Unique Coffee) will be present to talk shop, and attendees will get to taste and compare more than 100 different coffees and brewers. There’s no limit to how much you can have, people! Plus, local bakers and confectioners will have tasty treats on-hand to pair perfectly with all that jo.

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CoffeeCon is revolutionary,” creator and coffee expert Kevin Sinnott told Girl Meets Food NYC. “I don’t say that lightly, but unlike a wine tasting, which requires a clean glass and lots of good wines, coffee requires on-site, moments-before brewing and that, and the scope of beans from the city’s top roasters sets us apart from any coffee event ever. Plus, there are on-site classes. I hang around experts, and believe me, no one knows enough about how to brew coffee. It all happens in one day. There are foodie treats, chocolate and prizes.

Like we said…can you imagine a better scenario?

Enriching Hands-On Classes 

In addition to the one-on-one time they’ll get to chat with coffee experts on the exhibit floor, CoffeeConners will have the unique experience of taking a variety of classes hands-on classes to sharpen their brewing skills. From mastering the art of Turkish coffee with Turkish Coffee World to learning the craft of blending coffee with chocolate from Li-Lac Chocolates, there’s more than one class you’ll want to hit up. A 2.5-hour interactive seminar led by George Howell (a limited ticket event) will also help people understand the ins-and-outs of coffee making, plantation to cup. Visit the official website for full description of CoffeeCon classes.

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Awesome Prizes Up For Grabs

Okay, now nothing is better than unlimited coffee, treats AND awesome prizes. After you’ve had enough coffee to last you through the the official break of Spring, you’ll have the opportunity to walk away with some sweet loot of your own. All attendees are automatically entered with a ticket purchase, and drawings will be held at 12:45 pm and 3:45 pm on the main floor. Some of the prizes you can win: A Gene Cafe CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster (valued at a cool $600), Porcelain Immersion Coffee Dripper by Bonavita, Cafflano Klassic Portable All-in-One Coffee Maker, among other awesome coffee gear.

CoffeeCon NYC will take place at Broad Street Event Venue on March 7, 2015 from 9 am-4 pm. Go here to buy your tickets, and check out a preview below from last year’s event.

San Francisco Coffee Con 2014 from chris sithi // spleenyfilms on Vimeo.

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