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Bikini-Ready Cocktails

Posted June 24, 2011 by Mary Kong-DeVito in Pretty Marinated

t’s so easy to spend the winter hidden under sweaters and long underwear, letting the weeks extend between wax appointments and pedicures. But unlike winter, summer means letting it all…hang…out.

When sitting up, posing strategically or sucking it in fails to disguise unsightly rolls and muffin tops, these high-flavor, low-calorie cocktails will make slimming down a little more palatable:

Morton’s The Steakhouse sheds the pounds with five Spa-Tinis ($14) with less than 200 calories each, like a skinny Blood Orange Cosmo with Skyy Blood Orange vodka, sugar-free triple sec, fresh lime and cranberry juices.

Fight the effects of aging with Morton’s Antioxidant Me, a youthful blend of Absolut Acai vodka, super fruit purée, and pomegranate juice.  To feel rich beyond calories, the Red Velvet mixes Lindemans Framboise lambic, Lunetta prosecco and Chambord. Available at various locations.

Who can resist a luscious after-dinner dessert cocktail?  PS 7′s has perfected a guilt-free chocolate cocktail “that’s delicious but doesn’t contain all of that milk and cream,” says Gina Chersevani.  “It’s tasty and you don’t have to feel bad about drinking it.”  At a mere 100 calories, the Dark and Skinny blends Stoli Espresso vodka, dark chocolate, cayenne, and cinnamon until frothy, then garnishes it with a chocolate tuile.  777 I Street NW, Washington, DC. 202.742.8550.

With all that sugar, mojitos have some of the highest calorie content.  Cuba Libre’s Skinny Superfruit Mojito ($11) cuts those calories in half with a house-made simple syrup made from calorie-free stevia.  Blended with white rum, Ty Ku Citrus liquor, fresh lime juice, whole yerba buena mint leaves, and a splash of soda, it’s served on the rocks.  801 9th Street, Washington, DC. 202.408.1600.

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Mary grew up in New York where the food-centric city and her family's restaurants were literally her playground. Instead of eating dirt, she ate duck blood and rotten eggs. You never know what you'll find on the sidewalks.Mary is a veteran of the hospitality industry who's worked with numerous celebrities such as Barbra Streisand, Patrick Ewing, Vanessa Williams, Michael Stipe and Jane Krakowski. Her writing has appeared in DC Modern Luxury, Washington Post Express, Eater, Scoutmob, Washington Flyer and Washington City Paper.She eats "normal" stuff too, like cheeseburgers. Kangaroo cheeseburgers.