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475 Shopping Calories

ou can’t hold it off forever.  You’re going to get hungry eventually.  Sometime during your full day of shopping at Tysons Corner, you’re going to have to buckle and eat mall food. (Cue Dramatic Chipmunk.)

You can either have a tiny Starbucks blueberry scone that’s tough enough to disable aggressive perfume ladies, or Seasons 52’s sweet Maryland crab flatbread ($10.45) that’s charred, crisp and light as a feather, with red peppers, onions and parsley, drizzled in a light cream sauce.  Each one is 475 calories.  Which would you choose?

How about a McDonald’s large hot chocolate that will have you suffering from side effects like dizziness, weight gain, and being a tweaked out crack whore?  Instead, opt for Seasons 52’s caramelized scallops ($19.95), grilled until sweet and tender, with roasted asparagus on a bed of pearl pasta, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Each also 475 calories.

Eying that slinky Dolce & Gabbana silk dress at Nordstrom?  You can forget it sister, if you eat that Cinnabon!  And you can only eat half for 475 calories.  Instead, opt for any one of Seasons 52’s mini indulgences ($2.50, pictured above) like creamy blueberry cheesecake with soft graham cracker crumbs and plump, juicy blueberries; gooey, nutty pecan pie with fresh whipped cream; moist red velvet cake topped with a cream cheese frosting; or rich Rocky Road with marshmallows and chocolate curls.

Everything on Seasons 52’s menu is under 475 calories, so it’s easy to watch what you eat and stay healthy without even trying.  What’s the secret?  Everything is grilled without added butter or fat–in fact, butter and deep fryers are nowhere to be found in the restaurant and everything is made fresh from scratch.  The only heavy cream you’ll find is the whipped cream on that Mocha Macchiato cake.

Another great reason to avoid the dreaded food court.

Seasons 52
7863L Tysons Corner Center
McLean, VA 22102

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Mary Kong-DeVito

Founder + Creative Director. Mary grew up in New York where the food-centric city and her family's restaurants were literally her playground. Instead of eating dirt, she ate duck blood and rotten eggs. You never know what you'll find on the sidewalks.Mary is a veteran of the hospitality industry who's worked with numerous celebrities such as Barbra Streisand, Patrick Ewing, Vanessa Williams, Michael Stipe and Jane Krakowski. Her writing has appeared in USA Today, DC Modern Luxury, Washington Post Express, Eater, Scoutmob, Washington Flyer and Washington City Paper.She eats "normal" stuff too, like cheeseburgers. Kangaroo cheeseburgers.

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