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Stay Hyperlocal at DC Reynolds

ew in the Park View-Petworth neighborhood is DC Reynolds, a genuine beer garden which will be a refreshing alternative to The Blue Banana and The Looking Glass, especially in the warm weather months.

In addition to its exposed brick walls, relaxed atmosphere, and jukebox that greets you on the way in, DC Reynolds features thirteen full-sized picnic tables on its enormous outdoor patio as well as a local, sustainable menu.  The space used to be a pharmacy but the owners have put in months of renovation.

The majority of the beers on tap are local favorites like DC Brau, Port City Optimal Wit, Chocolate City Cornerstone Copper Ale and Rhino Chaser Pilsner.

The food is home-style cooking with incredible flavor, like the spicy meatloaf ($12, pictured left) with Korean barbecue sauce and pencil asparagus, or buttermilk fried chicken with tangy cauliflower mash spiced with cumin that even Gael Greene would pick clean to the bone.

In fact, on a return trip I stole fried chicken off a friend’s plate because I couldn’t help myself.

The menu changes seasonally and you could say it’s hyper-local.  “The lady who makes our kimchi lives across the street,” says owner Jon Calvert.   The brews are local too, and so are the owners (they’re all DC natives) who make you feel right at home.

Photo: Amanda Jane Cooney

DC Reynolds Bar
3628 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20010

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Amanda Jane Cooney

Amanda Jane is a quarter-life legal eagle whose cooking will put a smile on your face. This native Upstate New Yorker started her food adventures in college, drinking amber ale and watching Sunday football, because "crab cakes, football [and beer], that's what Maryland does." She's tried Caribbean, Ethiopian and Vietnamese fare, even churned her own butter (!), prosecuting Washington's dining scene with Champagne taste and a beer budget.


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