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La Chaumière’s Calf’s Brain

he Dish: Cervelle de veau au beurre noir ($14.50/$17.75) What It Is: Sautéed calf’s brain with brown butter, lemon, and capers, served with mashed potatoes, carrots, and baby bok choy. What It Tastes Like: “Beefy silken to...

Le Diplomate Interior Bar

5 Things to Try at Le Diplomate

ive years ago, the 14th Street strip was a wasteland of forgotten delis, pawn shops and the Black Cat. Today, old buildings are replaced by shiny new condos, restaurant-cum-bars-cum-dance clubs and even a Chipotle that’s slat...


Girl Meets Food Turns Two!

his week marks the second anniversary of Girl Meets Food.  It’s been an eventful and productive year, expanding the team, getting some kudos, and even appearing on TV!  Let’s take a look back at Girl Meets Food’s s...


Foie the Love of Paris

on’t ask for a cheeseburger, and don’t ask for a menu in English. Bofinger (pronounced bow-fahn-yay), the nearly 150-year-old Alsatian brasserie across from the Bastille in Paris, offers the most exquisite fare unde...


Morsels of Paris, Part II

hen visiting Paris, there are three basic phrases which will go very, very far—Bonjour, s’il vous plaît, and merci! Failing to use the proper French greetings, however unintentional, may earn you a faceful of open ...


You’re Macaron Me Crazy

ou can’t visit Paris without eating lots of macarons, or at least you shouldn’t.  French pastries and desserts are simply the best, and macarons are in my opinion, the greatest gift to the world from the French.  ...