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Cupcake Ornament

Christmas Dining

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through DC, Not many were stirring but a frenzied foodie. Her reservations were set to make the rounds, Goodbye to the scale, hello twenty pounds! All at the ...
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Thanksgiving Cat

Thanksgiving Cheat Guide

So you ain’t cookin’ o scrubbin’ no pots-uh-nuthin’ this year, no way no how!  A not-so-DC-secret is that no one actually expects to cook anything ever, and that is especially true on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, ...
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passover cat

Matzo with Moxie

admit my knowledge of Jewish traditions is limited, despite growing up in a mostly Jewish neighborhood in Queens.  I think I was distracted by all the food.  All I can do is decipher the menu ...
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Easter Hop-Up

here’s something magical about Easter, everyone dressed in their Sunday best, children on their best behavior, and Easter baskets filled with chocolate.  The food is the best part of Easter—besides JC rising from the dead. ...
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New Year’s Dining Guide

ew Year’s Eve can be like amateur night. Folks who don’t go out all year are desperate to get dolled up, take their low tolerances out and ring in the new year “the right way.”  Invariably, they ...