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Every ‘Roo Has Its Thorn

f Bret Michaels opened a pop-up restaurant in his house, it would look like Thunder Burger.  This edgy burger joint in Georgetown is reminiscent of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel in Las Vegas, except instead of Ed Hardy-clad celebrities high on coke, a clean-cut polo-shirt-and-khakis crowd quietly enjoys unusual burger creations on red zebra-print chairs.

Equally amusing is the playful menu, including Thunder Burger’s Wild Wednesdays.  Launched early this month, Wild Wednesdays features a different exotic meat each week.

After Thrillist reported that the restaurant would serve “potentials like bear, rattlesnake, alligator, camel, and even lion,” Thunder Burger received a backlash from angry animal-rights activists.

Thunder Burger clarified on their website that they “will not serve any animal that is feline, canine or equine. Our chef mentioned in an interview early into this promotion that our purveyors supply a wide range of exotic meats, including–amongst others–antelope, bear, lion and camel; not that we would specifically be serving all of these meats.”

Which is a relief here at Girl Meets Food.  While we seek out unique and adventurous foods, we also believe in sustainable and humane practices.  Plus we like kittens and puppies on our laps, not our plates.

Less controversial are the kangaroo sliders ($12, pictured above left).  Kangaroos are overpopulated in Australia, and are hunted in controlled quantities, much like deer are here in the States.  Kangaroo, while a formidable opponent in the boxing ring, is light in texture and clean in taste, much like turkey.  Coarsely-ground patties are topped with thick, sweet teriyaki sauce and curly lettuce on sesame seed buns.

Every Wednesday, look forward to other unusual eats at Thunder Burger like alligator ribs, turtle fritters and boar sausage.  But leave the lions in the safari.

Thunder Burger & Bar
3056 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20007

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Mary Kong-DeVito

Founder + Creative Director. Mary grew up in New York where the food-centric city and her family's restaurants were literally her playground. Instead of eating dirt, she ate duck blood and rotten eggs. You never know what you'll find on the sidewalks.Mary is a veteran of the hospitality industry who's worked with numerous celebrities such as Barbra Streisand, Patrick Ewing, Vanessa Williams, Michael Stipe and Jane Krakowski. Her writing has appeared in USA Today, DC Modern Luxury, Washington Post Express, Eater, Scoutmob, Washington Flyer and Washington City Paper.She eats "normal" stuff too, like cheeseburgers. Kangaroo cheeseburgers.

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