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Gator’s Thin RedLine

erd alert: As a (gullible) child, I spent our first family trip to Florida perfecting my zigzag run in case of an alligator attack.

Thankfully, there is no such threat in DC, where this otherwise hostile animal makes for a tasty plated treat at Redline. Instead, the built-in table taps will have you zigzagging home.

Known for its abundance of flat screen TVs that cover every sport from football to ping pong, Redline’s American menu with a French twist is certainly not to be overlooked.

While the grilled lamb lollipops ($12.50) are succulent in a cranberry port wine reduction with spiced puff pastry, the gator three ways ($11.50) is an exciting menu item that even Chubbs Peterson would enjoy.

Pan-seared and lightly coated in a trio of sauces (applewood smoked BBQ, tangy Dijon mustard, and spicy chili), these tender alligator bites smell like fish but taste like chicken. Luckily, Redline’s sensory overload will make you forget you’re eating gator.

The tangy Dijon mustard bites are a highlight, as they sit atop a crispy sweet potato chip which balances out the strong flavors.  Wash it down with a Snakebite during happy hour (4-7 pm), when all starters are 20% off.

Mandatory must tries: Ceviche ($14) made with calamari, tilapia, and shrimp served in a baby pineapple; lobster mac n’ cheese ($11) in a creamy mozzarella and Mornay sauce with grilled corn and roasted bell peppers; and the Cajun style duck ($20.50) with mashed sweet potatoes, steamed baby bok choy and vermouth tomato sauce.

Redline Gastrolounge
707 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

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