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Green Teaism in Your Soup

ome of the biggest pleasures in life are made of a few, simple ingredients.  Bread and cheese.  Pizza and beer. Kellan Lutz and a loincloth.

Ochazuke, which means “submerged in tea” in Japanese, is just such a pleasure.  Yet this simple Japanese snack is just a way to use up leftover rice by slapping hot tea over it.  If you want something more substantial, you’d add fish, pickled vegetables, seaweed, bonito flakes, and maybe some sesame seeds.

Here in Washington, everyone’s favorite tea shop Teaism sells 15,000 of these babies a year, made with brown rice and your choice of salmon, shrimp or pickled plum ($8.50-$9.25, pictured above).

Teaism tops the ochazuke with crunchy carrots, fresh radicchio and a crisp, homemade seaweed-sesame seed-rice topping with no MSG.  It’s a super healthy meal any time of the day.  Add the scoop of wasabi if you don’t want to feel your face.

This contemplative soup lets you pour in the tea yourself, with enough left to sip thoughtfully.  See the Dupont Circle location’s complete menu here.

Teaism Penn QuarterTeaism Dupont CircleTeaism Downtown
400 8th St NW2009 R St NW800 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20004Washington, DC 20009Washington, DC 20006

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Mary Kong-DeVito

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