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Thanksgiving Anytime

It’s halfway to Thanksgiving!  Did you ever stop to question why you only have Thanksgiving dinner once a year?

Why wait another six months for America’s favorite Happy Meal when you can have it anytime you want in compact, torpedo form?

Near the Clarendon Metro is Earl’s, a loosely-guarded neighborhood secret that could very well be where the Teamsters get their sandwiches.

This sandwich shop is unassuming from the outside but makes over 35 different sandwiches that will make you want to cut a bitch.

The subject in question?  The Turkey and Sweet Potato ($8.99, pictured above).  Earl’s takes everyone’s favorite holiday and stuffs it into ciabatta bread chewy enough to contain it all but soft enough to take a nap on after.

Just think about plump, juicy turkey roasted until the juices run clear, savory turkey gravy and whole sweet cranberries that once on your clothes remind you that you’re American.  Then Earl’s takes sweet potato fries and stuffs that $#@& in, too.

Earl’s makes everything in-house, from the roast turkey, beef, and pork to the chocolate chip cookies.  They serve breakfast all day, and carry Virginia-based Route 11 potato chips–including habanero-flavored Mama Zuma’s Revenge–which can only be cooled by applying a generous layer of cranberry sauce to the tongue, so be sure to ask for extra.

Earl’s Sandwiches
2605 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA, 22201

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Mary Kong-DeVito

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