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After reading through a couple hundred reviews, the consensus among reviewers is that J Vineyards & Winery produces exceptional sparkling wines. The J Cuvée 20 Sparkling Brut NV and J Brut Rosé NV are regarded, not only by reviewers and critics, but by J Vineyards & Winery themselves, as two of their finest wines. Their vintage bruts also received commendation but some felt their whites were uninspired and thus overpriced. While J Vineyards & Winery has been praised for elegance and offering appropriate food pairings, many reviews noted that the $20 tasting fee was hefty when compared to other similar experiences. In addition, the majority of reviewers also observed that the fee was not discounted or waived when they purchased bottles of wine, unless the purchase was $100 or more. Another opinion held by most was the friendliness of the staff. In general, people were satisfied with the attentiveness of the workers and several mentioned receiving excellent recommendations of other venues in the area.

J Vineyard & Winery Cuvée 20 Sparkling Brut NV

Wine Enthusiast ranks the J Cuvée 20 at 87 points calling it “Very rich and delicate…”,while Wine Spectator offers 88 points labeling this sparkling wine as “Vibrant and fresh…”. Tasters’ Choice Selection, Wine News rated the NV brut at 90 points and the April 2011 issue of Restaurant Wine insists the J Cuvée 20 Sparkling Brut NV deserves four stars. The issue continues by giving this wine a high recommendation and declares that it’s an excellent value. The J Cuvée 20 Sparkling Brut NV is a blend composed of 49% Chardonnay, 49% Pinot Noir, and 2% Pinot. This sparkling wine boasts pleasing acidity and citrus notes. J Vineyards & Winery offers the well –reviewed brut at $24 per bottle but through minimal effort could be purchased for around $19 elsewhere. With this quality level, reduced cost of $19 per bottle, and 12.5% alcohol by volume, the J Cuvée 20 is regarded by wine lovers as a smart buy.

J Brut Rosé NV

Richness, complexity, and depth articulate J Brut Rosé NV. Wine Spectator gives a generous 89 point rating to this sparkling wine featuring “aromas of raspberry, vanilla, and anise”. Wine Enthusiast concurs with 89 points and states that while this wine “could be smoother and more refined in texture…it’s a dry and rich bubbly.” Restaurant Wine awards five stars to this “Wonderful sparkling rose”, and adds a “very highly recommended” accolade. After a reader’s pole, NorthBay Biz Magazine crowns the J Brut Rosé NV as the “Best Sparkling Wine”. The J Brut Rosé is blended from 56% Pinot Noir and 44% Chardonnay and offers 12% alcohol by volume. J Vineyards & Winery sells this salmon pink wine for $28 per bottle but diligent shoppers can find a lower price around $19.95. Sparkling wine connoisseurs, critics, and those who enjoy a little bubbly now and then have all agreed on the exceptional nature of J Brut Rosé NV.

2010 J Pinot Gris, California

It’s difficult to beat a $16 wine of this caliber and it’s even more difficult when you can purchase the same bottle for around $11. The 2010 J Pinot Gris is one of J Vineyards & Winery’s most economical and yet highly rated wines. As recently as July 2011, The Miami Herald advocates this “Highly Recommended!” wine, describing its flavor as “light and lively, crisp and lean”. Wine Spectator gives the Pinot Gris 87 points and both Wine Enthusiast and California Grapevine assess 90 points. Press Democrathighly recommends the Pinot Gris claiming it has a “Seamless texture and Lush finish”. The 2010 J Pinot Gris is made from 100% Pinot Gris grapes and contains 14% alcohol by volume. Unanimously, the J Pinot Gris is said to be best paired with fish, light chicken dishes, and summer salads.

The Bubble Room

Another attraction offered by J Vineyards & Winery is their Bubble Room, a full-service tasting salon. Most describe the Bubble Room as elegant and a must-try experience. The current price to experience J’s award-winning wines paired with creative cuisine is $65 per person and $50 for club members. Some have felt the expense is high but most reviews indicate the food portions and wine quantities are sufficient when compared. The current food menu includes dishes such as braised veal cheeks, Dungeness crab ravioli, and sweet tea brined pork tenderloin. As added appeal, rather than traditional table and chair seating, the Bubble Room offers large comfortable couches with perfectly set dining tables. If you intend on visiting J Vineyards & Winery for the Bubble Room experience, be sure to make a reservation.



11447 Old Redwood Highway
Healdsburg, CA 95448
Phone: 888.JWINECO (888.594.6326)
Fax: 707.431.5410
Email: info@jwine.com

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