How to Get a Wine TastingRoom in Your Home for $25

Writing about TastingRoom honestly comes quite easy- I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs for quite some time. There are so many good things I can say about TastingRoom.Com, it’s almost hard to fit them all into one article.  Admittedly, I’m not a hard sell. If you are a wine lover or looking to get a wine lover in your life a thoughtful gift you probably won’t be a hard sell either. If you’ve never heard of it before, TastingRoom will blow you away.

Let’s get something out of the way real quick. Here is a link to TastingRoom.Com. For those of you who are internet savvy, you’ll notice this is a normal, every day link. It is not an affiliate link (a link that pays commissions). I have an affiliate link and am purposely not using it so that you know my compliments are completely sincere. When you are finished reading this article (or now), go take a look around their fantastic site.

I can’t remember when exactly it was, roughly a couple years ago, when I had my first experience with TastingRoom. I received a gift of one of their Sampler Packs (oh how I love thee…) from my parents. There are several things that set TastingRoom apart from the competition and the Sampler Packs are at the top of that list. Where else in the world can you taste 5 different wines, normally priced at $30-50 each, from unique boutique wineries around the world, for around $25? Yes.. you heard me right- $25. TastingRoom has somehow managed to bring together a horde of wineries, packaged their wines in 50ml bottles, and made them affordable to everyone.

Each Sampler Pack has it’s own theme, like “Tour of New Zealand” or “Russian River Pinot Noir” (my all-time favorite). Also included is this fancy info card with information on each wine and winery. I still consider these sample packs to be one of the best ways available to learn about wine today.

The Ultimate Gift

I can’t think of anywhere short of a specialty wine shop that you can taste 5 excellent wines and then choose your favorite 2 to take home. In the internet world and even at your local grocery store such a luxury is laughable to even think about. TastingRoom delivers it perfectly with their “Super Flights“. Each package contains a sample of 5 excellent wines (in a Sampler Pack, as described above) plus a gift card for the holder to get 2 full bottles of their favorite wines. You won’t find a better value anywhere on the internet and you sure as heck won’t find a better gift idea for wine lovers. I’m going to spend the next 4 months before the holidays convincing all my friends to buy me Super Flights for Christmas. (You think I’m kidding? I’m not.)

I just finished savoring every last sip of the Premium Cab Super Flight. I’m a huge red fan and it’s filled with bold Cabs from Napa Valley, the Central Coast, Dry Creek Valley. Alexander Valley, and Sonoma Mountain- a virtual tour of California’s best Cabernet Sauvignons. The only reason I’m not dedicating another 5,000 words to talking about these wines is because I want you to actually finish this article.

Wines by the Glass- Not just for restaurants anymore

Another way TastingRoom has revolutionized the wine market is by offering wines by the glass, individually bottled at 3.4 ounces. It’s true that buying an entire bottle of expensive wine for the first time is often risky- you won’t know if you like it or not until it’s too late. With wines by the glass you can seriously limit that risk, taste many wines for the same out-of-pocket costs, and uncover wines that truly make you want to purchase full bottles. I was lucky enough to be able to savor 2009 Ma(i)sonry Stagecoach Vineyard Napa Valley Marsanne and 2009 Patz & Hall Pisoni Vineyard Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir by the glass thanks to the TastingRoom staff.

If you haven’t already, make sure to take a look at TastingRoom.Com. I mean c’mon, do you really have a better gift idea for wine lovers on your mind right now? Or for yourself? I didn’t think so…

This post was sponsored by Tasting Room, but all opinions expressed are our own. 

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